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UK Government To Drop BBFC & Use PEGI Games Rating System

Offering a bit of relief to the UK game industry, the Digital Britain report backed Pan European Game Information (PEGI) system over the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) to help users make suitable choices in video games.

The government eventually gave its nod to enhanced PEGI classification system after a four-month consultation period, in which the government invited views and opinion from experts and customers to figure out the best possible changes for the current video games classification system.

Run by the video game publishers themselves, PEGI system includes symbols and advisory warnings to not only recommend users about the proper age for any specific game, but also to depict its content, including sexual scenes, violence, and other such entities that might be inadequate for children.

On its support to the PEGI system, the report said: “PEGI will give consumers a single set of clear logos for video games that will apply across most of Europe, providing an international solution for game content regulation”.

The report further said that the system has the required flexibility to address the challenge of ever-advancing technology in the games domain, and “will be highly effective in the online world”.

The advanced PEGI system is also said to be in line with 'child protection criteria' as put forth in Tanya Byron's Safer Children in a Digital World study.

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Our Comments

Rationalising the system used to classify games is a welcomed move since it will save money to the industry, reduce time to market and reduce duplication across board while making sure that all countries across Europe have a federated approach to the gaming industry.

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