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Martha Lane Fox Takes On Role Of Digital Inclusion Champion

Martha Lane Fox, the co-founder of the renowned travel website, has been named by the government as the new “Champion for Digital Inclusion”.

In her new role, the entrepreneur will encourage households not currently online to take up broadband packages, and her position will initially run for two years.

She will assume the challenging role on 22 June and spend a couple of days in a week leading the move, which was discussed in the Digital Britain report.

In addition to this, Ms. Fox will also be representing 6 million adults who aren't online yet, and steer a taskforce to make the internet accessible to poor families.

Speaking on the challenges ahead, Ms. Fox said in a statement, “I think that we're in danger of not only alienating the people who aren't online but also the very poorest people; the six million people who are most economically disadvantaged and technically disadvantaged”.

Popularly known as “Fast Lane Foxy”, Ms. Fox is the daughter of an eminent historian and gardening expert, Robin Lane Fox.

However, the notion of hiring a digital champion surfaced last year as a part of the national strategy for tackling the digital divide, and help poor and deprived households to take up broadband.

Our Comments

Gordon Brown is assembling a dream team to implement his vision of Digital Britain. After Tim Berners Lee and Alan Sugar, the father of the Amstrad ZX, here comes Martha Lane Fox who will be in charge of promoting digital inclusion. This is not a full time job, mind you, and it will be interesting to see whether a web-celebrity can encourage millions to join the broadband revolution.

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