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Nokia N97 Available on £25 Monthly Contracts, Add £16 For 12-month Contract!

Nokia's Flagship model, the N97 smartphone, is set to debut tomorrow nationwide and will be available on Nokia's website for a steep £499 SIM Free.

However, there are several deals on several networks that can significantly reduce your initial outlay, depending on the length of contract you want to commit to.

If you plan to go on a 24 month contract, a duration that is gradually becoming standard across the industry, you will be able to bag the N97 for a mere £21.08 on a £30 month line rental at Vodafone on their MI 30 plan.

For that price, you will get 300 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited mobile internet. The total cost of the contract over the two year period will reach £741.08. Get it from Dialaphone, which is a division of Phones4U, which itself is part of Dixons.

There's also a cheaper monthly plan available from Mobilesphonesdirect on the Vodafone network which comes with free internet, 100 minutes and 500 texts for £24.47 but you will have to pay £97.99 for the phone.

On the other hand, if you don't mind forking out £15.53 as an initial outlay, you can get the phone for on a short 12 month contract for £45 per month.

The cost includes 600 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet. The total cost of ownership is only £555.48 but bearing in mind that the phone alone reaches £499.

But T-Mobile goes even lower with its Combi 30 + Web N Walk package (via Mobilephonesdirect) which brings the price to £34.26 for the same period. You will have to pay £103.99 for the phone though.

Total price over the length of contract reaches £515.11. The cost of the contract is therefore around £16 for the whole year (that's around £1.34 per month) and you get £300 minutes, 200 texts, unlimited internet. You'd possibly be hard pressed to find a better bargain.

If you plan to go supersize, then you can bag the £70, 24-month O2 3000 package which gives you 3000 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited internet plus either £250 auto cashback or a free Playstation, 3, Xbox 360 Elite, Wii or a Tosh laptop. Head to to have a look at the deal.

Note that the N97 is currently available only on pre-order and will be available from the 24th of June. Currently, all major networks except 3 and Virgin offer the handset.

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