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Digital Britain Report Proposes Mobile Broadband On Tube By 2012 London Olympics

Aligning with its promise to bring high-speed broadband coverage to the whole of the nation's transport network, the UK government has put forth plans to bring faster broadband access in UK's trains and London Underground Tube system.

As a part of the Digital Britain report published earlier this week, the government announced plans to improving mobile broadband access in trains and tube by London 2012 Olympics, in a bid to ensure great digital experience for visitors to the UK.

The report quoted the upcoming London 2012 Olympics, which was said to be the “most digital Olympics in history”, as a great opportunity for mobile broadband operators to collaborate with Mayor of London Boris Johnson to improve the broadband services for the customers travelling through tube.

In spite of the fact that commuters do enjoy wireless connectivity while travelling by trains, it has been observed that the services are quite variable across the network as a whole, the report said.

The government notified it was trying to come up with the ways to back these services in a cost-effective manner, with one proposition being to make faster broadband services a part of franchise requirement for train operators.

The report further said that the government will step in to address any time regulations or other related constraints crop up to hinder this specific objective.

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Our Comments

Ironically, London Underground froze plans to offer mobile phone services back in March 2009. A spokesperson for TFL said that "London Underground tendered for a trial of mobile phones on the Waterloo and City line but the market has yet to provide us with a credible proposal for enabling mobile phone use on the Tube."

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