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Global Broadband Figures Withstand Worldwide Recession

Defying the unfavourable economic conditions, the global take up of broadband and IPTV continued to showcase an impressive growth, according to a recent study by industry consortium Broadband Forum.

The study revealed that as many as 16.5 million new broadband lines were added globally in the first quarter of the year, with the total count of lines reaching a whopping 429.2 million worldwide.

In addition to this, IPTV take up has notably grown to 24 million customers worldwide, with US and Western Europe accounting for most of the growth.

The figures notified that China is leading in terms of installed broadband lines, with the total line count for the country rose to 88 million from 71 million, and the US is at the second spot with 84 million installed broadband lines.

However, UK managed to snare the sixth rank, with the country's broadband population stood at 17.7 million at the quarter's end, up from 16.3 million for the same time a year ago.

With around 64.6 percent of total broadband connections, DSL is still the broadband technology of choice for users, and it is followed by fibre-optic, and mobile broadband services, the study added.

Commenting on these striking findings, Broadband Forum's chairman and president, George Dobrowski said, “This report shows that, despite the economic situation the world is facing, the demand for broadband and IPTV continues apace as people everywhere look to improve the quality and speed of their communications”.

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Our Comments

Nearly 18 million lines is significant given that the country has 25 million households in UK. The tendency as well is that many businesses tend to share one broadband line plus mobile broadband services - which tend to serve only one user only - have seen an explosion in use.

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