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Nokia May Release N97 Mini Smartphone

Finnish manufacturer Nokia may be planning for a Nokia N97 Mini or Lite by the end of the year according to reports published yesterday.

A moderator, Ev from Vodafone, posted a message on Vodafone Ireland's forum saying that the operator will not be carrying the new Nokia N97 and will wait for the still unannounced Nokia N97 mini.

“Due to the N97 Mini’s competitive pricing, we feel that it will appeal to a wider segment of consumers,” the company said in a statement. Vodafone Ireland declined to give any further information.

The phone which will have a lower price than the current N97 may be on sale later this year. Ev also said that the Palm Pre won't be available on Vodafone as another carrier - O2 as one might expect - has already bagged an exclusive deal.

Unsurprisingly, Ev's post has been remove but the guy doesn't seem to have been sanctioned by Vodafone Ireland. Interestingly, according to the Irish Times, "O2, Meteor and 3 Ireland all said they intend to sell the N97 but none was able to provide a launch date or expected pricing."

At this stage, the N97 mini is still an unknown device so only speculations can be made at this stage. But significantly, Vodafone has not denied the possible release of this product.

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The Nokia N97 Mini is likely to have a smaller screen, much less memory and a smaller keyboard. That would put it in direct competition with the T-Mobile G1 Android and many other keyboard-based smartphones available for around £30 per month.

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