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Teenager Saved From Lightning By Her iPod

Sophie Frost, a 14 year old teenager, was struck by lightning and was apparently saved by her iPod which she was listening to at the time. She was with her boyfriend, Mason Billington, and both were hurt during the incident.

Both sweethearts had sheltered from the bad weather under a tree when a bolt of lighting knocked them unconscious. The iPod wires, combined with the fact that she was holding her boyfriend's hand at the same time, apparently diverted the 300,000 volt surge .

Sophie's clothes were burnt as the lightning used her body to reach the ground but luckily missed all her vital organs, leaving her with not even a scar. Fatefully, the iPod was given to her by her grandmother only a few days before lightning truck.

Sophie said: 'I don't remember anything – just looking at my watch and thinking I have to ring my mum, and then being dragged into the road.' Unfortunately for her, the iPod is dead now

Her mum told journalists that: "The doctors say her iPod saved her. Her nan only bought it a few days ago. Luckily, she wasn't actually wearing the headphones. If she had been, she might not be here today".

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Our Comments

The first thing you learn from dealing with lightning in a storm is that you should never seek shelter under a tree as trees are notoriously famous for attracting lightning. Other than that, the iPod proved to be a life saver.

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