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Apple's Steve Jobs Got A Liver Transplant To Keep Him Going

Apple Inc.'s iconic leader and co-founder Steve Jobs has had a liver transplant a couple of months back and is now recovering well and is expected to get back to work by the end of the month, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The reports of the two-month old transplant surfaced over the last weekend, at the time when Apple released the latest iteration of its blockbuster iPhone 3G S.

However, the company refused to comment on the story by the Wall Street Journal, and responded to it by saying, “Steve continues to look forward to returning to Apple at the end of June. There is nothing further to say”.

The report have left many analysts scratching their head with many believe he will come back to work on a part-time basis as his six months long medical leave is on the verge of ending. Back in August 2004, Jobs declared he had undergone surgery to treat cancer in pancreas, and his health has been a subject of speculation since then.

Fresh concerns over his health were triggered around a year back when he appeared in Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference looking weak, and after spell of questions from blogosphere, the New York Times quoted Jobs had assured people he was free of cancer.

Subsequently, on January 5, Jobs asserted he had a “hormonal imbalance” that was comparatively easier and straightforward to handle. But, after nine days, he announced a six-month leave of absence by saying, “In order to take myself out of the limelight and focus on my health... I have decided to take a medical leave of absence until the end of June”.

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Not surprisingly, news of Apple's CEO having had a liver transplant made investors slightly nervous, sending the share price down by 1 percent or so in pre-market transactions early today. A liver transplant means that Steve Jobs went through some very difficult moments as well. One might expect speculations about the next Apple CEO to creep up soon.

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