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Get £60 Cashback On iPhone 3G S UK Purchase, While Microsoft "Subsidises" It In US

A majority of customers looking to get their hands on the new iPhone 3G S can use cashback schemes in the United Kingdom and in the US to get Apple's new gadget at a discount.

Punters on both sides of the Atlantic have been using these tricks of the trade which usually apply to lead generation or affiliates systems. Bear in mind though that they are cashback structures, which means that you will get cash back, not an instant discount.

Furthermore, there might be issues related to the browser used, cookies and other random acts of nature. Just make sure you keep your proof of purchase if things go wrong.

UK iPhone customers will have to go through cashback website Quidco which is offering a £60 cashback when you buy through For iPhone 3G S, notes "the transaction will track at 1p for a couple of weeks, and will then track at £40. After an additional week, this rate will then be updated to £60. Cashback is ONLY applicable to iPhone 3GS sold with a contract." is owned by Carphone Warehouse (which also owns thephonespot, e2save and OneStopPhoneShop) which means that it won't disappear overnight. The 16GB black model is out of stock but you can still get the white one.

The US trick ironically uses Microsoft Bing's cashback incentive which gives a 35 percent discount at AT&T's online store. This means that you can get the new iPhone 3G S for a mere $125.35 provided you get into a 24 month contract with the network provider. The 8GB iPhone 3G S model could potentially be had for under $65.

Here's the complete process as laid out on popular bargain website, Slickdeals

If you are new to AT&T:

Visit ATT Wireless website and validate your email address with Premier.

Check your email and click the link to your ATT Premier Store.

Open a new tab with the same browser that your ATT Premier Store is open in.

Go to in the new tab and search “att wireless”

Click the 35% CashBack Sponsored Link

Sign into your CashBack account and get redirected to the main AT&T Wireless page.

In the top right enter the term “Premier” into the search bar.

Click the first link that reads “at&t premier login”

You will get directed to the same Premier store you have open in the original tab.

Congratulations, you are in the Premier store under the CashBack AT&T Site

If you’re not:

Go to

Search ” ATT WIRELESS “.

Click the AT&T sponsored link, you will redirected (after you enter your email) to either the regular AT&T store or the Premier store depending on which account you have

Log in to your account and make your purchase.

The cashback will show up as “pending” after a couple of hours.

If it takes more than 48 hours for the cashback to show up, contact bing’s customer service then you will asked for your order number, method of payment. You cash will show up within hours

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Our Comments

For those willing to take the risk (albeit minimum), now is the time. Take the jump and sell your old phone on Ebay. Cashbacks are always a good way of improving your cash flow and since is basically tax-free money, you're all quids in. As mentioned in the article, make sure you keep all the details pertaining to the purchase in case things to wrong.

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