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iFixit Rips iPhone 3G S Apart To Reveal Phone Innards

Kyle Wiens of iFixit and Aaron Vronko of Rapid Repair are two of the many geeks that have torn apart the new iPhone 3G S and documented the various parts that make up the device shortly after it was released.

While nothing much distinguishes the old iPhone from the newer generation apart from the the shiny lettering on the back cover and the new model number, A1303. Vronko told the New York Times that more than half of the components inside the new iPhone have been changed or tweaked compared to the previous one.

He revealed that the iPhone 3G S uses a 600MHz ARM Cortex A8 microprocessor (actually a Samsung S5PC100) while the previous version had an older ARM11 model clocked at 412MHz. One interesting aspect is that Apple decided to underclock the processor from 833MHz probably to reduce power dissipation and to increase battery life.

Both the Palm Pre and the iPhone use the same processor and GPU but different chipsets. The Samsung chipset however could potentially handle 720p video recording (and playback) as well as Dolby 5.1 audio and much more.

This opens a prospect of a laptop versus always-on scenario where the iPhone 3G S could use 100 percent of its processing power when charged. For what? Well, what about a £99 iPhone Wireless HDMI Base unit with integrated touch charger?

Oddly, Apple chose to put all the handset hardware on the front side of the main logic board. According to Appleinsider, there's also an additional antenna connection which is found near the dock connector which could potentially be used in the future for a still undetermined purpose.

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Our Comments

The iPhone 3G S could potentially herald a new generation of devices that will complement Apple's device. There's the fact that the hardware used within the phone is not being used optimally for now and the presence of that unused connection lead us to believe that something big could be coming sooner than expected.

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