Orange Partners With Guardian Over GlastoNav Application

Mobile operator Orange has come up with an updated iteration of its GlastoNav, the free mobile application tailored to offer music enthusiasts a handy guide to the UK’s biggest summer festival.

The free mobile download, which has been developed in conjunction with the Guardian Guide, would offer Glastonbury goers with what the operator claims as “the ultimate interactive festival planner”.

The app provides stage times for the entire Glastonbury line-up, a feature that lets users personalise their own artist schedule for the entire weekend, an informative map of the site, along with festival news, suggestions and alerts.

Orange has also entered into an agreement with Bauer that will let every user who downloads the app become eligible to have 50 percent discount on an annual subscription of Q Magazine.

Furthermore, the mobile operator is also offering Glastonbury goers a chance to snatch VIP access to Pyramid Stage, as everyday at 12pm, a ‘bull’ icon will flash on the GlastoNav map disclosing where festival goers could find life-sized bull with a special code on it.

Users can subsequently go and find the bull and enter the code onto their handset to improve their chances of getting a side-stage access for one of the featured performances.

Brand director for Orange UK, Spence McHugh said, “Orange GlastoNav is the best way to plan the perfect Glastonbury weekend. Sharing your schedule with friends means you will never miss meeting up for your favourite bands”.

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Our Comments

Free applications could be the way forward if mobile phone networks want to evangelise their unique selling points. It is also interesting to see that Orange has partnered with content producers Guardian and Bauer to release the application. Now, if only Glastonbury, like Wimbledon, could be sunny for a change.

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