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T-Mobile Launches MyTouch AKA HTC Magic In US Market

T-Mobile took the odd decision of renaming the HTC Magic, the successor of the first G1 android, as the MyTouch 3G in the US and is set to sell it for $200 on a contract in red, black and white colour schemes.

The phone is faster, smaller and lighter than the original Googlephone which had a keyboard and a very dubious large "chin" - both of which have disappeared from this souped up iteration.

The physical keyboard has now been replaced by an onscreen model with haptic feedback which means that keys vibrate when you touch it. The MyTouch has 512MB internal memory with an additional 4GB microSD card in the box.

Given that the old iPhone which can be had for $99 ships with 8GB already, this could convince some undetermined users to switch allegiance. The camera is a 3.2-megapixel version, which is matched by Apple's new iPhone 3G S.

The MyTouch will be launched in July 8th in the US but you can buy it already from Vodafone for as little as £25 per month. The deal (opens in new tab) includes unlimited mobile internet and webmail, 100 minutes and 500 texts but ties you to a two year contract.

T-Mobile has also bundled an exclusive application called the Sherpa which provides with local business information on nearby bars, restaurants or banks on top of the 5,000 Android applications currently available.

The G1 sold more than one million units last year and the HTC Magic could have a good chance of surpassing it easily, especially outside the US. The Samsung i7500 which stands a good chance at being the 3rd Android smartphone to emerge, is likely to be much better than the MyTouch.

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Our Comments

T-Mobile will have to up its game if it want to make a dent on Apple's success. To put it simply, HTC and T-Mobile are not doing enough to rival the iPhone let alone other potential Android rivals that may be coming within the next few months. The £90 Android phone from Haier for example could spell trouble for the magic.

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