Intel and Nokia Partner On Mobile Computing, Netbooks and ... Smartphones?

Chip manufacturer Intel and the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia have announced that they will start a long term relationship to develop a new class of Intel-based mobile computing devices and chipset architectures.

These will "combine the performance of powerful computers with high-bandwidth mobile broadband communications and ubiquitous Internet connectivity". Although we were expecting that Intel was going to introduce ARM-busting Atom processors, it seems that in the short term, Nokia and Intel will be working on MIDs and possibly Netbooks.

The official press release does not mention mobile phones at all. As part of the deal, Intel will also acquire Nokia's HSPA/3G modem IP licences for use in future products which could mean that Intel might start bundling wireless 3G connectivity in its chipsets together with WiFi.

No one knows why Nokia chose to work with Intel instead of choosing the familiar ARM platform which would have offered Nokia not only a more competitive environment but also much more flexibility. Both giants might be sharing confidential details about products and plans that have yet to be unveiled.

But for Intel, getting Nokia as a partner means that it could, potentially have a market of hundreds of millions of devices every year.

Rumours of a Nokia laptop or netbook emerged at the beginning of the year and we were chuffed by the news (see 5 Reasons Why Nokia's Laptops Will Rule) and we also reported that ECS might have been chosen by Nokia to build those netbooks.

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Our Comments

Qualcomm launched the Smartbook platform less than four weeks ago and they were using a Snapdragon processor which is much less power hungry than any Atom processor available and as powerful. Furthermore, the Snapdragon platform is already compatible with Windows Mobile as well as Nokia-backed Symbian.

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