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ITProPortal Release 6.5 Update

Our Design and Development teams have joined together to release the latest version of ITProPortal. Here is a list of fixes and updates.

Site Design: First things first, we have lightened the colour of all the channels and incorporated these colours throughout the site to allow for easier navigation.

We have totally redesigned the homepage and other indexes to be able to show you more news and content. All of our news stories have an improved related content engine behind them, ensuring that you always see the most relevant content associated to a story.

The tag cloud has not only been redesigned but also has received some significant developments. It now shows an ever evolving keywords list of the day and allows you to jump into a topic at a click of a button.

Article Pages have been totally redesigned to give them a cleaner, fresher look, making them easier to read.

We now also have site navigation in the footer of the page. This shows you all our channels that we have running on ITProPortal at the moment and links you to all the Hot Topics that we think you must know about.

We have recently moved servers in order to increase the speed of the site and for the next few months, the foundations of the site will be significantly overhauled.

Some of the biggest changes have been in the backend, allowing our writers more control and flexibility in the way they post new stories.

Stay tuned for more improvements in the near future. We’ll update you again when the next significant updates occur. If you have any feedback, please use our feedback tab on the right side or alternatively tweet @ITProPortal with the hash tag #itppfb.