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Unlocked 32GB Apple iPhone 3G S Costs £900

Online UK retailer has started to sell the 32GB black version of the latest iPhone from Apple, the 3G S, for a staggering £899.99 with free delivery. The 32GB white version and the 16GB black models will also be on sale. says that the SIM-Free phone will be released on the 25th of June and will even offer you a 10 percent saving on an iPhone 3G case. The 32GB iPhone 3G S is available on O2's PAYG tariff for £538.30 while the 16GB version costs £440.40 and this includes 12 months unlimited data and Wi-Fi access.

O2 is still selling the 8GB iPhone 3G model for £342.54 on Pay as you go. Users might want to use special Network SIM card unlock attachments which often slot above the actual SIM card and unlocks the phone without modifying the hardware. Interested parties can find them either by googling for the term "iPhone 3G S" or tracking them on Ebay.

The cheapest way for you to get the 32GB iPhone 3G S on O2's contract would be a 18 month contract totalling £803.07 (£29.38 per month plus £274.23 initial outlay). This would provide you with a 75 minutes, 125 texts and unlimited internet.

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Our Comments

The iPhone 3G S is an expensive device. That's something we can't argue with but there are also rumours that prices are coming down. Vodafone Italy is apparently selling the 32GB for under £450. That, by any standards is quite cheap and even undercuts the N97.

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