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VirginMedia Takes On Sky & CPW With Improved Bundle Offering

Richard Branson's Virgin Media has unveiled a fresh set of offers aimed at attracting new customers and spearheaded by a hefty £50 off discount.

The discount is only available to new customers who buy at least three services for a minimum of 12 months. The £50 discount - which is made up of an online £20 discount and free installation worth £30 - will be credited on the customers' first bill.

Unfortunately, Virgin Media has yet to successfully integrate its Virgin Mobile within Virgin Media. This means that you cannot, for example, choose a Virgin Mobile package when you are first joining in and available bundles, except for a few, include only broadband, phone and television.

That said, for £47, you can get a 10mbps broadband line, a mobile phone with 100 minutes and 100 texts, a phone line and Virgin Media's large TV offer. That reaches a rather high £564 for the first year. Although it is officially limited to new customers, a quick call to their cancellation section will convince them to upgrade/downgrade you to the level you want.

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In related news, Virgin Media will be starting a new TV campaign aimed at pushing their Virgin Mobile division. The company is pinning its hopes on the ad campaign. which will run for five weeks and lasts 60 seconds, to add new customers to Virgin Mobile's existing estimated 5 million users.

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