£15 Skypephone S2 - 75 minutes, unlimited texts and internet on 3

It's the evolution of the 3 Skypephone. Get more features, more applications and even more ways to stay in contact in a compact and stylish candybar design.

Make free Skype to Skype calls anywhere in the world and chat to your Skype contacts on your mobile without paying a penny.

Or use quicklinks to connect to Windows Live Messenger, Facebook or Google in a flash using HSDPA. Set up RSS feeds from your favourite sites and enjoy surfing the web on your 2.2" QVGA screen.

Why not pause to take a snap with your 3.2 Megapixel camera and upload your pics to your photo blog? The 3 Skypephone S2 can also double up as a USB Modem.

With pre-loaded HSDPA 3.6 modem drivers, you can just plug your 3 Skypephone S2 into your laptop and get online straight away.

Jam packed with features, super stylish and easy to use. What more could you want?

On the £15 Texter & Internet, you will get UNLIMITED texts & internet, 75 any time any network minutes on a 18 month contract. Since this on 3 network, you will also get unlimited Skype to Skype Calls.

You can buy this Skypephone S2 for £15 per month. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.