£249 N Box Intel Core Duo T72500 1024mb DDR667 200Gb HDD DVD RW

The nBox offers unrivaled silence, power conservation, and excellent performance, enabling it to easily handle office work, entertainment, Internet surfing, CD/DVD burning, etc. Features Intel GMA 950 graphics optimised for Vista video.

With a supermini size of just 165 x 165 x 51mm, the nBox creates extraordinary desktop space for you to extend unlimited creativity. Using the nBox saves you over 40% of space compared to a traditional desktop PC. The saved space can be even larger when fitted with an LCD monitor.

Maximum everything. Energy-efficient performance. Multimedia power. Intel Core 2 Duo processor family is designed to provide powerful energy-efficient performance so you can do more at once without slowing down.

The benefits of 802.11n are quite dramatic, with performance levels now starting to exceed that of standard 10/100 wired Ethernet networks. The range of 802.11n has also improved by as much as 50 percent. So you can now enjoy faster data transfer and be further away from your wireless router or access point than ever before.

Gigabit Ethernet is 10 times faster than Fast Ethernet. This means that as your network and the amount of information that is sent across as it grows, speed will be very important. When moving music, video files, pictures and large files your data transfer will be up to ten times faster than a standard network. With the emergence of interactive TV on the Internet and the streaming of Internet TV, fast networking has never been more important.

Features: Intel Core Duo T7250, 1GB memory, 200GB hard drive, Slot load DVD writer, Intel GMA 950 graphics, Nano form factor case. The N Box costs only £249 but comes without OS.

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