£30 Blackberry Bold on 3 - 500 minutes & unlimited texts.

The BlackBerry Bold is 3's very first BlackBerry, and it's perfect for both email and web browsing. This stylish, business mobile has broadband-speed web access and a full Qwerty keyboard.

You can send emails in a flash from up to 10 email accounts (including Outlook and Lotus Notes), view attachments, and edit Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files easily with the big 2.2" HVGA screen.

Check the latest business developments on the web, or jump on Facebook whenever and wherever you like.

Plus: enjoy the easy-browse interface and smooth BlackBerry rollerball; get where you need to be with the built-in BlackBerry GPS and maps; and snap away with the quality 2.0 megapixel camera.

On the £15 Texter & Internet, you will get UNLIMITED texts & 500 any time any network minutes on a 18 month contract. Since this on 3 network, you will also get unlimited Skype to Skype Calls.

You can buy this Blackberry Bold for £30 per month. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.