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Cloudmark Targets SMS Spam With New Products

Security vendor Cloudmark has unleashed a suite of services tailored to help mobile operators to address the soaring SMS spamming attacks over their networks.

The security service suite, codenamed as “MobileAuthority”, integrates several handy features as well as services that would help operators to check abuse on their networks, including MMS and SMS spam coupled with the malware contents aimed at mobile devices.

The new suite comprises of a component named “Sender Intelligence”, which enables operators to identify and subsequently block mobile spam springing up from either the networks of one of their partners or from within their networks. This filtering component figure out the patterns in a bid to prevent spam, malware, or phishing attacks.

In addition to this, the company has also established a managed security team that will watch over an operator's network for any sort of abuse and make essential changes in filtering to forbid further problems.

Incidentally, Cloudmark gathered data from 1,000 consumers over the past couple of weeks, and revealed that around 66 percent of them had received spam messages via their mobile handsets. It further showed that some 70 percent of the respondents wouldn't use handsets for services, including mobile banking.

Citing the surge in SMS spamming, the chief exec of Cloudmark Hugh McCartney said, “Many people bypass fixed phone lines and head straight to mobile, becoming very reliant on their phones. Because of this in the early stages networks made SMS free and bad guys like free”.

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Our Comments

SPIM as it is called is not as prevalent as traditional spam because it costs significantly more to send them compared to sending an email. However, because of the prevalence of mobile phones and the fact that email spam filters are so effective means that criminals might be looking elsewhere to ply their trade.

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