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Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2009

The Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit shows you how to find the right balance, at this critical point in the business cycle, to drive cost optimization today while repositioning for the inevitable return to growth tomorrow. The next phase of business is coming and the actions you take today will determine your position tomorrow.

The Next Wave is coming and your actions today will position you to be either on it or under it. The volatility of today's economy and resulting turbulence in government, industry and markets requires a steady hand to steer the course for the management of information technology. Inextricably linked to business, IT investments today can enable or inhibit your positioning in changing industry models.

At this critical point in the business cycle enterprise architect must move to drive cost optimization today, while repositioning for the inevitable return to growth tomorrow. Historically recessions have been seminal periods where financial pressures create opportunities for entirely new business models to become established and grow.

The key question for all business leaders is: "What will this industry look like when economies return to growth?" Tomorrows leaders will focus on both - cost optimization today while repositioning for tomorrow.

Find out more about the event here (opens in new tab).

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