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IBM Debuts Smartphone Application For Wimbledon

In a bid to lure Tennis enthusiasts at Wimbledon, IBM has unveiled a new smartphone application that would help fans to follow all the action at Wimbledon using their mobile handsets, which the company claimed would revolutionise the manner people access details at sporting events.

The new Wimbledon Seer application, which runs on Android-powered handset, presents real-time statistics as well as updates from social networking platform Twitter, including players' comments, onto a video from a mobile phone's camera.

The new application uses the combination of compass and GPS information to present users with some related intriguing information simply by pointing the camera of the handset to any point.

Pointing handset's camera at the court, for instance, would present users with some interesting information, including the court number, who's playing, info on present and previous matches being played at the court. Users can also look for snack bars, toilets, ATMs, and other required places at the venue.

The new app is being tested on T-Mobile's Android powered handset G1 at the Wimbledon tournament, which kicked off earlier this week.

Along with this, IBM, which has also been Wimbledon's IT partner, has designed a Twitter aggregator, which integrates all Wimbledon-related content into one channel, as well as a data app for the Apple's iPhone for the tournament.

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Our Comments

It is an interesting application that has a very targeted aim but could possibly be used elsewhere for commercial purposes. We've heard of applications that could possibly identify goods and products and provide with a complete breakdown of prices in the vicinity; a kind of visual price comparison website.

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