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Orange Unveils Solar-powered Tent With WiFi Connectivity

Orange seems all geared up for this years Glastonbury festival, as the operator has announced a new updated version of its GlastoNav mobile app, along with a photovoltaic tent fabric to keep gadgets of the festival goers up and running.

The GlastoNav application has been tailored in collaboration with the Guardian Guide and it allows its users to personalise their artist schedule for the complete weekend and provides an informative map of the site, coupled with required festival news, suggestions, and updates.

In addition to this incredible festival planner application, the operator has unleashed the notion of the Orange Solar Concept Tent, which is designed from an innovative photovoltaic fabric touted to “revolutionise the festival camping experience”.

With this “cutting edge eco-energy technology”, which is developed in conjunction with the US-based company Kaleidoscope, festival goers would find it easier to power their required camping gadgets and stay in touch.

Taking the similar concept canvas demonstrated in 2003 to next level, this new model incorporates photovoltaic fabric in three “glides” that keep moving throughout the day-time to capture solar energy.

Furthermore, the technology includes an impressive “glo-cation” feature, which would see the tent glowing when a camper gets closer to it or texts it, enabling campers to find the tent in the dark, whereas a night special groundsheet would offer underfloor heating.

The Concept Tent would also have a wireless control hub sporting a touch screen display that offers Wi-Fi connectivity, along with providing a wireless charging pouch using the concept of magnetic induction.

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Our Comments

IBM launching a Wimbledon app, Orange unveiling the GlastoNav mobile application and now the solar powered tent. These are some seriously advanced technologies for what used to be a sedate, laid-back, budget experience. Still it proves at least that technology and environment - in the case of the techie tent - can live together.

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