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Rural Britain Does Need High Speed Broadband Says Report

In what could be considered as a notable setback to the government’s plans for rolling out 2Mbps broadband connections across UK, a recent report by the Commission for Rural Communities (CRC) revealed that the plans discussed in the Digital Britain report are inappropriate for the people living in rural areas.

In its recent report, dubbed as “Mind the Gap - Digital England, a rural perspective”, the CRC notified that around 42 percent of rural population in UK are as of now struggling with speeds below 2Mbps.

Since telephone exchanges in rural UK are more sparsely spread than in cities, the distance between a majority of homes and the nearby exchange will be larger, making the broadband speeds considerably slower.

Citing the issues in rural part of the country, the CRC has called for prompt actions from the government to ensure seamless speedier broadband connections for rural communities.

Asserting on the pre requisites to roll out super fast “Next Generation Access”, the CRC wrote, “There must be a firm undertaking from government, with a comprehensive strategy and implementation plan to include rural areas”.

Furthermore, the report made several useful recommendations to make sure that rural homes can keep up with urban regions, including offering support to community-based broadband schemes.

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Our Comments

The CRC might be right about the need for faster broadband. The problem is who is going to pay for that. The broadband tax will not bring anywhere near the amount of capital needed to extend high speed broadband across the country.

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