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Femto Forum Heralds Bright Future For Femtocell Technology

The Femto Forum has signalled a new initiative that intends to offer a common applications environment as well as commonly-accepted APIs to let developers create applications compatible with femtocells from distinct vendors, the organisation notified at the Femtocells World Summit in London.

Along the same line, the industry consortium announced to create a special interest group (SIG) that would experiment with an open framework, and showcased the latest developments across the industry.

Femtocells are tiny base stations that have primarily been looked at as an effective way to allow operators to bolster up indoor broadband coverage, especially in buildings. However, the network providers and manufacturers are eager to underscore the broad range of applications having users' own base station offers.

Apparently, femtocells present a wide array of benefits for the roll-out of WiMax and Long Term Evolution (LTE) data access services, and further applications can be integrated with these to offer other services using the speedier data connection and location-awareness features offered by these devices.

Simon Saunders, chairman of the Femto Forum, said, “Femtocells add a new dimension to application development, removing many of the constraints currently faced by mobile developers. By adding the potential to build high-bandwidth and location-aware applications, they allow the creation of a wide range of innovative and differentiated services”.

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Femtocells are just about to crack the wireless market as highlighted by Vodafone's recent decision to start selling a wireless gateway that would allow users to switch from any patchy network coverage to a more resilient broadband-based network.

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