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Microsoft Slashes Prices Of Windows 7 OS Versions

Microsoft has announced that it would be significantly cutting the prices of its next generation Windows 7 operating system although Europeans would still have to substantially more than their US counterparts.

The fact that Microsoft will be releasing its new flagship OS in a deep recession - on the 22nd of October - means that they probably did not have the choice other than to slash the price, in this case by as much as 17 percent.

Windows 7 Home Premium will be available in the US for $199.99, that's a $40 discount compared to Windows Home Premium and similar to Windows XP Home which is already eight year old.

Vista and XP users will be able to upgrade their OS to Windows 7 Home Premium for $119.99, a $10 discount compared to the same option that Microsoft is offering for upgrading to Vista.

Microsoft is also betting for a surge in Windows 7 pre-orders in the next two week as it will charge prospective customers willing to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium a mere $49.99 while reaching $99.99 for Windows 7 Professional upgrades.

Unfortunately, the plan only applies for customers in the US and Canada for now with the programme being rolled out to other countries later.

Prices in the UK for the Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate version will be £79, £189 and £199 respectively for the upgrade while full versions will cost £149, £219 and £229.

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Our Comments

The countdown to the release of Windows 7 has started and there's not much surprises as to how Microsoft will be pricing one of its twin cash cows (the other being Office 2010). Windows 7 is unsurprisingly quite expensive as it stands right now, it will be interesting to find out how the netbook version will be priced.

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