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Mozilla 3.5 RC2 Comes Out, Followed By RC3

Mozilla seems to be pressing the accelerator a bit hard to keep up with its promise of launching a completed Firefox 3.5 by the end of the month, with the foundation has already introduced the second release candidate (RC2) for the browser, soon after unveiling the first release candidate last week.

The new Firefox 3.5 RC2, which is available for Windows, Linux and Mac users, contains several bug fixes and said to offer better browsing experience to users. Mozilla made the first RC available to 80,000 beta users late last week, and developed the second RC on the basis of the feedback received from the users.

Among its features, the RC2 includes a JavaScript that is claimed to be three times faster than Firefox 3, along with enhanced page load and manipulation that is around two times faster than the previous iteration.

The latest release candidate also incorporates in-built audio and video playback via open technologies, the feature to take tabs out into separate windows, an “undo close” window, as well as location-based browsing.

In addition to these, the new RC also addresses privacy and security issues, as it includes a complete private-browsing mode, the feature to remove a user's internet browsing history for the past couple of hours, and regular security updates.

For an enhanced browsing experience, RC2 offers single-click theme changes, more than 6,000 add-ons, graphics support for SVG and CSS, downloadable fonts, to name a few.

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Mozilla chose to release the RC3 within a few days of the RC2, before this article was actually published. Their release team decided to respin for Firefox 3.5 RC3 and one can expect the final version to be released within the next few days if nothing significant arises.

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