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UK Government To Name Cyber Security Tsar

The UK government is to hire a new cyber security tsar who would help safeguarding UK's cyber infrastructure from unauthorised intrusions.

On Thursday, the name of the appointee who would take the responsibility as the director of a new Office of Cyber Security based in the Cabinet Office will be put forward. The appointee is anticipated to be a senior official from Whitehall.

The new agency is likely to be a copy of the one to be introduced by US President Barack Obama, who also announced to hire a cyber security tsar for protecting the IT infrastructure of the country.

The new cyber security centre is being introduced to deal with the attacks sponsored by foreign countries, such as China, which have made concerted attempts to steal the country's commercial and security information.

The cyber security agency is a part of the government's broad security strategy, aimed at striking new ways to help the country tackle major accidents and terrorism. Previously, MI5, along with organisations including Metropolitan e-crime unit, used to watch over the country's IT infrastructure.

Discussing the objectives of such an agency, the government said that it "is developing a Cyber Security Strategy to build a safe, secure and resilient cyber space for the UK, through both the beneficial exploitation of cyber space and the reduction of risks posed by those who seek to do the UK harm”.

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Our Comments

Better late than never. The country is likely to face an unprecedent level of exposure to not-so-friendly countries such as China, North Korea or Iran. The new Cyber Security chief ough to be well aware and conversant in global security to tackle any potential threats that may arise.

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