10 Things Asus Should Do To Improve The Seashell EEE 1008HA Netbook

We've just tested Asus's sublime Macbook Air-like netbook and although we think that it is a superb attempt from the Taiwanese, we can't help but think that Asus could make a much better netbook out of the Seashell.

Here are 10 things that Asus could be doing to make the Seashell an even better netbook.

(1) Removable Battery

This is already on the to-do-list with the 1005HA introducing a removable battery rather than the current fixed one. But this may significantly add to the weight of the laptop and to the price as well. The fact that Apple has pioneered closed-chassis laptops (like the Macbook Air) now makes it acceptable to the general public.

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