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Nokia N97 Outweighs iPhone 3GS On Google As 3 Introduces £320 Model

Nokia's N97 appears to have won the battle when it comes to the online search according to Google Trends which shows that the N97's search volume index outweighs Apple's 3GS.

The trend comparison, which was carried out over the last 30 days for United Kingdom shows that the Nokia N97's search volume index or SVI was 125 percent more than for the 3GS on the 24th of June. This difference was more significant in Wales with England and Scotland recording smaller differences.

Interestingly, the SVI for the iPhone 3GS surged and reached its peak on the 9th of June before falling while the N97 surged ahead and remained on top since the 14th of June. Not surprisingly, the iPhone 3GS appears to get much more coverage than the N97.

Apple's news reference volume still remains significantly more substantial than the Nokia's flagship model showing how important Apple's halo effect is.

Even better news for those looking to buy the N97 is the fact that 3, the mobile network, has slashed its price on Pay as You Go to only £319.99. This is a far cry from Apple's £342.54 which O2 charges for the 3G model and rises to £440.40 and £538.20 for the 16GB and 32GB model respectively.

Granted you get 12 months unlimited data and WiFi access (thanks to the Cloud), but 3 offers free Skype (calls and instant messaging), the ability to use the phone as a modem for free and free Windows Live messenger.

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Top up £25 and you will get unlimited free texts, free 3-to-3 calls and voicemail for 90 days as well as 150Mb internet access. You will be able to get an even better deal if you use SIM only monthly contracts which costs £10 or £15 per month.

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