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More Rumours Emerge About Sony PSP Gaming Phone

Sony could be looking to launch a phone based on its popular PSP gaming console according to Japanese business newspaper Nikkei Business Daily which claims that the consumer electronics giant is more focused on the project than it appears.

A dedicated team will apparently be brought together by Sony, from the company's own Playstation Portable as well as from mobile phone manufacturer, Sony Ericsson, to develop a "cellphone-game gear hybrid".

The move by Sony comes as it has identified the iPhone as its main threat as the innovative mobile platform has attracted dozens of well-known games studios as well as a slew of other lesser-known game developers.

Sony Ericsson has released the Aino at the end of March 2009 and the phone's main attraction was the fact that it allowed you to control and access your Playstation 3 media content from the phone itself.

The new phone however would certainly be closer in format to the PSP go which was launched earlier this month. The device bears an uncanny resemblance to many of the touchscreens on the markets - notably the Blackberry.

Interestingly, Sony has hinted that the PSP could altogether start to become more than just a gaming platform as it asked developers to consider developing non-gaming applications and subsequently reduced the cost of its development kit.

Whether the Japanese company will release this phone will also depend on its ability to bypass internal struggles between the various entities within itself and create a successful product that encompasses the companies best bits; a phone that's not only a great gaming platform but also an excellent video/music player.

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Our Comments

PSP Phones rumours have been available for more than two yeas now and it is a shame that Sony has taken so long to come up with a product that merges both environments. It also introduces a new problem as a PSP phone could possibly kill sales of PSP altogether but then, it might be a question of whether it is better to allow your competitor to do it.

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