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Ultra Cheap Portable Mega Drive Console To Fight Nintendo DS

The success of the cheap and no-frill Nintendo DS has apparently convinced some to release the Sega Retro-Gen portable from Innex which allows the older generation gamers to enjoy some of their old time favourites.

Online retailer Play already sells the Sega Megadrive Handheld Console for £27.99 but this one only includes 20 games and doesn't allow you to buy new games to be played.

The Retro-gen, which some have called the successor to the Sega Nomad, will allow you to add more games on a SD card using a special cartridge and is already available on pre-oder for around $50 (that's roughly £35) with an expected shipping date at the end of July.

It will also feature a built-in rechargeable battery via USB. The promising gaming console will also come with a TV-Out which will allow punters to play on their 50-inch full HD Plasma screens and admire all the bleeding (and blinking) pixels in all their gorgeousness.

Innex is not alien to the games industry having launched a 3-in-1 Virtual retro adaptor for the Nintendo Wii. It looks likely that the Retro-Gen portable console won't allow a second player to plug-in a controller for multiplayer setups.

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Streetfighter 2 or Sonic 3 anyone? If the quality is right and the amount of games in the catalogue big enough, this could well be a surprise winner this year and could convince a few more developers to code/port games for this platform. Mobile phones may be the future, but the "failure" of projects such as Nokia's n-Gage show how tricky things can be.

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