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White Apple iPhone 3GS Overheats Says French Website

All it took was one very popular technology website - Engadget - to pick up on a rumour that the iPhone 3GS's back cover turned pinkish-red when overheating for the rest of the world to follow suit.

French website Nowehereelse published photos of a white iPhone 3GS with some suspicious marks due apparently to the fact that the device ran hotter than usual when using GPS and 3G and ran round where the battery is located.

Older iPhones did encounter the overheating problem but it seems that the new model could hide something even nastier. Apple's ARM processor might be faster but interestingly, it dissipates less power than the previous generation.

Many however are suggesting that this particular iPhone might either have had a battery defect or that it was misused. Others say that their iPhone has the same issue when placing the device in a cheap leather case whose tanning rubbed off.

According to Simon Critchley who purchased the iPhone 3GS, the phone "is not so much a major update, but it does fix some minor issues apparent in the 3G, ultimately resulting in a more usable phone and a more enjoyable experience. But it doesn't overheat that much".

There are already two threads totalling nearly 35,000 views on Apple discussion forums highlighting the fact that the "iPhone 3G S has yellowish tint" and asking if "Has Apple acknowledged the battery problem with new 3Gs?"

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Our Comments

It is a tad too early to say whether Apple needs to issue a product recall statement for the iPhone 3GS. Only a couple of people have reported the issue and it might or might not become a bigger problem in the future. That said, Apple needs to be treading carefully as possible as it cannot take any risks.

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