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ALK CoPilot Launches Turn By Turn GPS On Google Android Platform

Personal navigation company ALK Technologies has unleashed a new iteration of its signature CoPilot navigation program for Google’s Android platform.

The new Android version of the CoPilot software, dubbed as “CoPilot Live”, will provide a complete turn-by-turn GPS navigation to its users, and host handful of key features to make navigation simpler yet effective.

Among its features, the software offers voice-guided turn-by-turn details, 3D mapping for better understanding of routes, as well as real time travel information to Android-based handsets, including T-Mobile’s G1, HTC Magic, and the newly arrived HTC Hero.

In addition to these, it also enables users to keep a track of their other Android friends, with icons indicating where there friends are from any given instant. It also includes, speed limit indicator, ‘reality’ sign post details, guidance in tunnels, and lane indicator display at junctions.

The interface of the software sports scrolling menus that can be flicked, and the maps offered by the program supports touch-screen technology.

Other features of CoPilot includes phone integration, which lets users to carry out direct dialling to their preferred local points, image navigation, and location sharing through text. The application can be downloaded from Android Market for £25.99 containing maps of a single region, and £59.99 including maps of whole of the Europe.

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Our Comments

The Android platfom is slowly becoming more mature, attracting more and more developers and manufacturer. It might not be as polished as the iPhone but it is gradually building up stream and it is only a matter of time before it rivals and potentially outclasses the iPhone while costing less. A bit like Linux and Windows but on a mobile phone.

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