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£452 HTC Hero SIM Free Android Smartphone

The Hero is the first unlocked Google Android smartphone. A compact, yet powerful device, the Hero feels good in hand, and great when held to the ear thanks to the bold, yet stylish 'chin' that the device has.

A customised interface has been installed by HTC. Sense, makes the interaction with the Hero feel more natural and intuitive. The open platform makes customisation and personalisation simple. Add applications, take photos, connect to your social networks or navigate from A to B, all from the palm of your hand.

The Hero is all about you. Whether you intend to use it for personal or business, with the HTC Hero and the Android platform you can easily connect to your contacts, calendar and other Google services thanks to the integrated Google support.

Download emails to your device, whether it be your personal account with a third party provider, Google Mail or your companys exchange server you need to connect to, it is all possible on the Hero.

The touch screen offers a responsive mechanism for text and data entry, whilst a trackball and designated buttons offers simple access to the most common applications and features.

The on board 5 megapixel camera, is perfect for capturing those moments. A still image or a video, upload the footage to your social network account from wherever you are. Using the WiFi or 3G/HSDPA connection, you can log into your online account, upload the content and share with the world.

When the day is done and you just want to kick back and forget, then connect your headphones to the 3.5mm audio jack and being listening to you favourite music or watch a movie that is stored on the microSD card you have installed into the device.

HTC Hero BA S380 (1350mAh) Battery

A replacement/additional battery, identical to the original that you can use with your HTC Hero. The BA S380 is the official battery for the HTC Hero. The HTC Hero BA S380 has a 1350mAh capacity.

HTC Hero SP P260 Screen Protector (2 Pcs)

This pack of 2 screen protectors will protect your HTC Hero device screen from scratches and other damages. Custom designed for the HTC Hero, and manufactured by HTC.

You can buy this HTC Hero (opens in new tab) for £452. You can also find similar deals from our online (opens in new tab) price comparator.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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