BBC Introduces Retro Computer Show, Syntax Era

The BBC is planning to broadcast a comedy show on how the race for a British home computer gained hype in the eighties, which eventually led to the creation of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

The 90-minute comedy show, named “Syntax Era”, is in production and is expected to broadcast on UK TV sometime around later this year. The show will be aired on BBC Four, and will have the popular 'The Office' star Martin Freeman, along with Alexander Armstrong from the famous comedy act Armstrong and Miller.

The programme will show race for domination in British home computer between Sir Clive Sinclair, being played by Alexander Armstrong, and his former colleague Chris Curry, played by Freeman.

Authored by Tony Saint, the production of the comic drama will use real-life clips, including Newsround's coverage of Sinclair ZX Spectrum, in addition to archive footage on BBC Micro computer, the Sinclair C5 vehicle, and the triumphant model of Chris Curry.

Commenting upon the significance of the show in exposing the stories behind the arrival of computer technology, BBC Four's controller Richard Klein said, “Those of us that lived through the 80s will remember the sense of excitement when gadgets and technology started to appear in our homes, but not many of us will know the fascinating stories behind their arrival.”

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Alan Sugar may be asked to appear in it as the man behind Sinclair's Nemesis, the Amstrad CPC computer. The subsequent rise of the IBM PC compatible and with it Microsoft DOS eventually killed the whole gamut of diverse platforms that made computing back then so exciting.

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