EU Roaming Costs Set To Plunge As New Regulations Kick In

Mobile phone operators are likely to feel the pinch even worse from today as they are forced to obey the rules set out by the European Commission over the maximum upper price of texts and calls within the European Union.

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The maximum that companies will be able to charge punters will be around 11p including VAT while making a call to the UK while abroad will cost you a maximum of 37p per minute and receiving calls should cost you no more than 17p.

We did notice though that a number of operators including Vodafone, Talkmobile and Asda Mobile have yet to update their website charges to conform with the EU regulations, something which could land them in trouble.

"From today, all Europeans making calls or sending texts with their mobiles can experience the EU's single market without borders," said EU telecoms commissioner Viviane Reding, adding that the "roaming rip-off is now coming to an end, thanks to the determined action of the EC, the European Parliament and all 27 EU member states."

Major phone networks like T-Mobile, Vodafone or Orange already offer packaged bundled which allows their customers to make significant savings when pre-purchased.

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Data charges were also slashed with a maximum set price of 85p per Megabyte, a guideline which no mobile phone networks are currently following at the moment. This is set to fall to 68p next year and 43p the year afterwards. Virgin Media though is still charging a whopping £7.50 per MB. In comparison, Three's UK rates are only £1 per GB on a 24 month contract.

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