O2 Introduces World's First 3D Interactive Cinema Game

Mobile operator O2 has announced that it will be rolling out what it's referring to as the “world's first” interactive 3D cinema game, dubbed as “Asteroid Storm”, across 20 Vue Cinemas in the UK this summer.

Making its debut on 10th of July, the game will enable cinema punters to steer the on-screen Starship O2, a battered spaceship that needs people's assistance to guide safely out of a dangerous asteroid belt.

The spaceship's movement are controlled by various areas of the audience raising their hands, which is made possible by installing a couple of ceiling-mounted cameras that have infra-red scanners to track movements of hands.

These sensors, in turn, are linked to gaming server that translates hands movement of cinema audience into the craft's motion in real-time. The server also monitors the 3D projector to form the display.

Richard Murfitt, Head of Campaigns for O2, said: "A family trip to the cinema can often be seen as an adventure in itself. We wanted to take this idea one step further and put families into the heart of the action on the big-screen”.

The new interactive 3D game will kick off before screening of several movies, including Top Story 3D as well as Ice Age 3 3D, and it will screened at the Vue Cinemas in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Bristol.

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Our Comments

Make no mistake, high definition 3D cinema is set to be the next big thing over the next few years especially as the Olympic games in London approach. The problem though is that unlike HD content which has been recorded for several years now, 3D images have to be recorded as such. You won't get a 3D version of Indiana Jones for example.

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