Palm Set To Announce Pre UK Launch Next Week

It looks almost certain that Pre will be launched next week in the UK, more than one week after the dark horse of smartphones was launched in the US amidst reports that it could well be the best iPhone competitor yet.

T3 received confirmation that Palm will be providing with more information about which network(s) will get the exclusivity at what price and on which packages and possibly announce it on the 7th of July.

The Pre first emerged at the beginning of the year during the Las Vegas CES and has been linked to O2 already. Vodafone and O2 are the favourites to distribute the phone having both forged strong partnership with the US manufacturer.

Palm needs Pre to succeed in order to survive and is on the right track apparently, having sold 300,000 smartphones in the month of June.

The PDA pioneer is also expected to flog around one million Pre a month worldwide, a rather optimist figure we reckon especially since the company never reached these levels previously.

It will also be interesting to find out whether, like HTC's Hero Android Smartphone, the Palm Pre will be released as a SIM Free smartphone in the UK.

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Pre could turn out to be the product that saved Palm from oblivion. However, these are still early days and the company will have to serious competition in the next few months especially in the mainstream segment. The HTC Hero, the elusive 5900 Xpressmusic and models from Samsung and Sony are expected to be hot sellers as well.

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