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The Ultimate Mobile Roaming Guide For Europe - 12 Networks

We've trawled all the roaming sections on websites of all major mobile phone networks in the last few hours and compiled the ultimate Mobile Roaming Guide in the UK for Europe.

Roaming prices have gone down since this morning as mobile phone operators scrambled to comply with the new European Union rules regarding mobile phone costs across Western Europe.

Amongst the companies listed in this comparison are :

ASDA Mobile ( (opens in new tab))

Ikea Mobile ( (opens in new tab))

Lebaramobile ( (opens in new tab))

O2( (opens in new tab))

Orange ( (opens in new tab))

Sim4travel ( (opens in new tab))

Talk Mobile ( (opens in new tab))

Tesco Mobile ( (opens in new tab))

Three ( (opens in new tab))

T-Mobile ( (opens in new tab))

Virgin Mobile ( (opens in new tab))

Vodafone ( (opens in new tab))



Until the end of August 2009, Vodafone is scrapping its roaming charges across Europe. The company operates a scaling tariff grid depending on amount consumed. In Europe, up to 15MB costs up to £5 a day, with each subsequent MB used costing £5. Vodafone also operates a preferential rate system called Passport in 35 European countries which is extremely advantageous if you make or receive regular calls longer than 3 minutes as you will be able to use your inclusive minutes for making calls and you will pay nothing for receiving calls, except for a fixed 75p charge. Sending a text for PAYG customers costs 29p while picture messaging is charged at comes with data charges.


T-Mobile has a system called Boosters which last 20 days and allow you to make/receive a number of calls and send texts. Their Euro 5 Booster for example costs £5 and allows you to make up to 19 minutes of calls, receive up to 39 minutes of calls or send up to 30 texts.


Like Vodafone and T-Mobile, Orange has complex but specific services called Orange Travel bundles that allows Orange customers to significantly decrease their costs. If you're travelling to either France, Spain, Greece, Ireland or Belgium, paying £4.89 for 30 days gives you 60 minutes worth of calls made at 28.4p/min with 60 inclusive minutes received, a saving of up to £11.79. Roam in ANY of these five countries listed and you can pay £7.83 and get 100 minutes at 28.4p/min and 100 inclusive calls received.

n/a means that there is no information on the provider's website

If there are any amendments or mistakes or if there are any features you would like to add, contact us via Twitter. .

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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