Vodafone Slashes Data Roaming Costs

Vodafone is the only mobile phone network in the UK to offer data transfer as a bundled package outside Europe with prices 80 percent less than the competition.

The world largest mobile operator in terms of revenues is offering up to 25MB worth of download for a mere £5 per day. A similar amount would have cost punters a significant £37.50 at 3 Networks and a eye-popping £200 at Virgin Mobile.

The costs rise outside Europe to reach £15 for each 25MB when accessing the web through a mobile and up to £29.99 for each segment of 50MB transferred (either download or upload) through a laptop.

The flat rate tariffs is valid both for mobile phone and 3G dongle users. All Vodafone Passport users are currently exempted from having to pay for roaming charges across Europe for the summer - from the beginning of June till the end of August. Passport is valid in 35 European countries, plus Australia and New Zealand and is a free service.

Earlier today, 3 announced that it was cutting its European Roaming costs ahead of the European commission's deadline imposed on all mobile phone networks.


Our Comments

One has to be honest, Vodafone currently has the best package if you want to talk and surf in European countries in the next few weeks, no mobile network in the UK come close although things will revert back to normal at the end of September.

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