£134.99 BlackBerry 8120 Pearl Orange Pre-Pay / Pay As You Go Mobile Phone (Titanium) (Includes Free £20 Airtime Credit)

The BlackBerry Pearl 8120 smartphone is designed to help you do everything you want with your life. It comes complete with advanced phone features, multimedia, digital camera, video recording, Wi-Fi capabilities and expandable memory.

And it offers the full BlackBerry experience - email, browser, text messaging (SMS and MMS), instant messaging, organiser applications and more. Small, smart and stylish.

You don't stay in touch with all the people in your life in the exact same way. Even though they're smaller than other BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry Pearl Series smartphones can help you stay on top of what's happening and contact the people in your life when you've got news.

SureType technology combines an innovative keyboard layout with dynamic software to help you type quickly and accurately on a narrow, compact smartphone. It's designed to learn your typing and word patterns so you can focus on getting the message out.

With the camera on a BlackBerry Pearl smartphone, you can be prepared to snap a pic of unexpected, important-or even embarrassing-moments. And when an event can't be captured in a single instant, use sound and action to tell the story with the video camera on your BlackBerry Pearl smartphone.

Whether you want to watch a video clip or listen to your favorite songs, your BlackBerry Pearl smartphone delivers visual and sound quality that keeps up with your needs.

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