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Facebook Overhauls Privacy Terms And Conditions

It seems that the erstwhile outcry over changing the site's terms and conditions has made Facebook extremely conscious about its users' privacy, as the social networking giant is planning to bring some notable changes in its privacy controls.

The new changes would make it easier for users to control other users accessing the content they post on the website, and thereby help ensuring safe and secured social networking experience for them.

Users' privacy has been the central issue for the social networking site of late, since with soaring user-base and added features, privacy controls for the website have been becoming increasingly complex.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company asserted that the new settings will offer its users enhanced control over what content, including images, videos, updates, and personal details, they share with others users on the website

In an attempt to simplify the settings, Facebook announced that it is condensing its six privacy pages as well as 40 privacy settings into one privacy page, while standardising features for each privacy setting to offer consistent policies to its users.

Facebook's chief privacy officer Chris Kelly touted the new overhaul by saying, “You will have the choice of being as open or as limited in the sharing of this information as you want.”

Incidentally, privacy settings have long been a point of concern for Facebook, as the website drawn severe criticisms for introducing the contentious Beacon advertising tool back in 2007, and recently faced users' wrath over some controversial changes in privacy terms.

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Our Comments

Facebook is trying to make itself as customer friendly as possible. Making privacy T&Cs as simple as possible means that the possibility of another potential catastrophic PR disaster is greatly reduced. Significantly, Facebook is becoming a more mature company that understands the fears and apprehension of its audience.

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