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Hulu Set To Start In UK With Tacit ISP Support

The US-based online video catch-up service provider Hulu International has announced the imminent UK launch of its service in UK as a top priority for the company and has asserted that it is all set to work with UK based ISPs.

Addressing the IEA's Future of Broadcasting held in London, the senior vice president for Hulu International Johannes Larcher avowed that the US-based service was prioritising the UK launch as the initial step under its international expansion drive.

However, he wouldn't ascertain which content partners Hulu was holding discussions with, nor he told anything about the probable launch date of the service; furthermore, the service was ready to working with UK ISPs to ensure high quality video content to the UK users, he added.

Mentioning UK launch as the company's priority, Mr. Larcher said: “We are talking to everyone. The UK is our number one priority in terms of international expansion. We are very interested in the UK. We hope in the very near future we will have some plans to reveal for the UK”.

He further went on to notify that the UK form of service would be quite different from its US model, and the company said that the service would localise its model so as not to be perceived as a US company.

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Our Comments

Does that means that the internet in the UK is going to crumble under the pressure from Youtube, Hulu, iPlayer and other online video services? Not sure. But the fact that it will be looking to collaborate with Internet Service providers is a good sign. BBC and Youtube have been confrontational at best when dealing with ISPs.

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