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iPhone 3GS Out Of Stock Almost Everywhere In The UK

Apple's new iPhone 3GS appears to be so popular that apparently O2 and Carphone Warehouse have both run out of stock on all versions of the smartphone.

Carphone Warehouse for example is inviting prospective customers to register interest and a statement on the company's website said that the iPhone 3G S 16GB is coming back into stock this week.

It further added that any order by 3pm on Thursday 2nd July will be delivered on Friday 3rd July (subject to successfully clearing security/credit checks). O2 is reporting that it has no iPhone 3GS at all.

It said in a statement that "The iPhone 3GS is currently out of stock: Due to the phenomenal demand for the new iPhone 3GS, we’ve temporarily run out of stock online, over the phone and in our retail stores."

The phone is also reportedly out of stock in many stores in North America although one can expect Apple's logistics to be working overtime. Well above one million iPhone 3GS have been sold since it was launched two weeks ago.

Stores have apparently been overwhelmed by orders with many having to turn away customers because there was nothing to sell.

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Our Comments

AT&T in the US which offers an online tool to check for iPhone 3GS availaility, O2 doesn't offer such a useful service. This leaves Computer Exchange and Ebay as the two main trusted sources of iPhone in the UK.

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