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Elonex Partners With Borders UK To Launch £189 Ebook Reader

Elonex and book chain Borders have announced that they will be selling an Ebook reader, the Ebook 600EB, for £189 and will come bundled with 100 free eBooks.

These books will come from a list of all time classic eBooks and the eBook Reader itself will come with the popular Sudoku game. Its control buttons are located on the left hand side and on the bottom left, making it more appropriate for right hand users.

Compared to other eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle, the Ebook 600EB does not offer a keyboard for example or a wireless connection. It has a 6-inch e-ink screen and is only 9mm thick. The 600EB comes with a SD card slot, an AC power input and a mini-USB port which allows you to download files from your computer.

The device is covered with a standard 12-month warranty. It also carries the Green Tick Certification as the use of eBook readers in general have a very low impact on natural resources. The 4GB card that comes with it can store up to 8,000 books.

Elonex and Borders use the Adobe Digital Editions platform which allow users to download and manage eBooks purchased online from Borders and elsewhere. Consumers will be able to purchase from more than 45,000 eBooks currently available from Borders.

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Our Comments

Although the cost of production of an Ebook is pratically nil, Borders is still charging significantly more for digital downloads compared to paper based books. Wintersmith from Terry Pratchett costs £5.24 as a paperback, £11.99 as a hardback book but, ironically, a whopping £14.99 as an ebook.

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