Microsoft Cancels IE8 Vomit Advert

An outcry among users has eventually prompted Microsoft Corp. to pull out the contentious online advert, which showed a woman throwing up many times.

Tagged as 'Oh My God I'm Gonna Puke', or simply O.M.G..I.G..P, the ad featured a woman vomiting after she found that her spouse had been viewing hardcore pornography on his laptop.

Subsequently, her husband slips over the vomit and the woman continues throwing up all over him, while Dean Cain, the star for 'Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman', comes into the foreground and asserts that the woman is suffering from O.M.G.I.G..P syndrome.

The star further says that the agonising situation could have been averted if the husband had been browsing using the new Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), which incorporates a private browsing mode to help users erase their internet browsing history.

The advert, which was the part of the four ads from Microsoft's 'Better Browser' campaign, had been designed to tout the InPrivate browsing feature of IE8.

Following the users' feedback, the software giant asserted that the ad was perhaps a bit too much for some.

Quoting the same, a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement, “While much of the feedback to this particular piece of creative was positive, some of our customers found it offensive, so we have removed it.”

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Our Comments

When doing an advert targeting a very diverse audience, always go for the safe bet. As we say in our office, better be safe than sorry. Microsoft, or rather the agency commissioned to produce the advert, chose the risky way. At least it got some coverage.

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