Orange UK To Launch Toshiba TG01 On July 9th?

Orange has managed to grab the Toshiba TG01 it seems although we don't know yet whether it will be an exclusive launch or not.

The mobile network operator put up the description of the TG01 before pulling it down shortly afterwards. Strangely, it lists it as a pay as you go model with a TFT resistive touchscreen and a 3.15 megapixel camera plus bundled with Facebook and Youtube apps.

The phone will join the ranks of Orange's iPhone alternatives (yes it does offer a whole category for it) where you will also find the LG KM900, the Nokia 5800, the Samsung i8910 and the HTC Hero.

As mentioned previously, the phone may also be available on O2 in the UK given the fact that it is available in Germany on O2 and in Spain on Moviestar. It is also confirmed that NTT Docomo will be selling it in Japan. THe launch event is likely to take place next week on the 9th.

Pocketlint says that the TG01 is likely to be available on a £35 monthly contract. If that's the case we expect it to be on a 24 month period, which will match the price of the iPhone 3G.

The TG01 has a huge 4.1-inch touchscreen that can display 800x480 pixels (that's equivalent to what you could find on the first Netbook).

Other features include a 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus, 512MB ROM and 256MB RAM which can be complemented by a 32GB microSDHC card.

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The other Toshiba smartphone currently available on the market is the Toshiba Protege G910 which costs only £160 or £20 per month on T-Mobile.

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