Sony PSP Go Can Be Overclocked To 480MHz

Sony's latest portable gaming device, the PSP Go can apparently reach a maximum clock frequency of 480MHz, a 45 percent increase from the current 333Mhz.

It is likely that the gaming console has been underclocked for now to save battery life as Apple did on the iPhone 3GS. The Original Sony PSP had a clock speed of only 222MHz. Higher clock speeds translate in a more seamless gaming experience but at the expense of gaming duration.

Furthermore, a speedier processor also means, in many cases, a warmer, if not hotter, gaming device (with sweaty palms and increased discomfort).

Anyhow, the margin that the PSP Go has means that there might be something coming up fairly soon like a firmware update. It would be interesting to find out whether Sony's PSP Go can dynamically adjust its speed depending on the game scenario.

There are also rumours that retailers across Europe may decide to boycott the PSP Go because Sony's latest gaming console bypasses them completely.

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Since there are no UMD media to be sold, firms like or Game won't be getting anything other than the profits made from the console itself. Sony could eventually make them obsolete.

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