Land Rover S1 Is World's Toughest Phone

If you need something slightly stronger than Apple's latest iPhone 3GS or if you want to make calls in temperatures above 35 degrees centigrade, then the Land Rover S1 might just be what you need.

The phone has survived being dropped from the second floor of a building, being stood on by an elephant - it can withstand a pressure of up to 400Kg per square inch, left to simmer in a pint of (cold) beer and roasted at 150 degrees Centigrade in an oven.

The S1 is also waterproofed to a depth of up to 1m where it can stay for 30 min. Its operational temperature range goes from -20 degrees to 55 degrees Celcius. That is twice what the iPhone 3GS can withstand (0 to 35 degrees).

Otherwise, the S1 has the specs of an entry level phone with a 2-megapixel camera, 2GB memory, GPS, Bluetooth, built-in Flash, torch light, FM Radio as well as WAP browsing thanks to the bundled Opera Mini browser.

Aimed at builders and people working in extreme conditions, it has a staggering 1500 hours of standby - that's roughly TWO months - and 18 hours of talk time plus an extra loud ringtone setting in very noisy environments that can be used as a wake up alarm. Build by Sonim tecchnologies, the Land Rover S1 is on sale for £300 at Tesco and comes with a three year unconditional warranty.

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The phone which was finally crushed to its death by a three-tonne forklift truck specially driven by Staff at Tabloid newspaper the Sun will be available from Orange for £25 per month.

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